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SMTP Access

To send email through our Mail Servers you must first authenticate yourself to the server. This is done to ensure that our servers are not used for the purposes of SPAM or by users who are not customers.

To use SMTP AUTH in most email clients, it's as simple as viewing the properties for your email account clicking the "Servers" tab and checking the box labeled "My Server requires authentication". If you having issues locating this in your email client, please consult your the documentation/help files for the program for information on using SMTP AUTH.

Important Information:
Many users have experienced problems with their Internet Service Providers preventing them from connecting to our SMTP server. Major ISPs such as Earthlink and MSN actively block connections to port 25 which is used to send email. They do this in an attempt to prevent spammers from using their Dial-Up or Broadband connections to send out mail to thousands of mail servers. If your ISP blocks port 25, a "Socket" error or a "Unable to connect" message is an indication that they are blocking the port, an alternative to port 25 is the standard submission port 587 that you may use to send email. This will bypass many ISPs but not all. Please consult the documentation/help files for the program you are using for email for informaiton on enabling this feature.