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How to configure or create a CNAME Record

You can either automatically have the CNAME configured for you, or you can manually to configure the CNAME record
You must be utilizing our name servers for these changes to come into affect. You can check whether or not you are utilizing our name servers by selecting "Domain Information," in your Account Manager, then select the domain. Your current name servers will be under "Registration Details," and next to "Name Servers:"

Automatically using the Records Wizard:
  • Log into your Account Manager and select "Records Wizard."
  • If prompted, select the domain
  • Select "Change where the web site for this domain name goes."
  • Select "Specify a CNAME to use for the web site?"

Manually create the records:
  • Log into your Account Manager and select "Records."
  • Select your domain
  • Either select "CNAME," at the top of the page, or scroll down to the CNAME section (They are listed alphabetically)
  • Select "Add a new 'CNAME' Record," or change the current CNAME records accordingly.