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How to secure your website with HTTPS

To secure your website using HTTPS (Secured Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) you will first need to install an SSL Certificate.

More information can be found on how to install an SSL Certificate at the following knowledge base article: How do I setup my own SSL Certificate

Once this is completed and you have installed the SSL Certificate, you will need to redirect your public traffic to HTTPS. This is typically done through the .htaccess or web.config files found in your web hosting files, however if you use a preconfigured website package (Such as WordPress) you may need to research how to do this within their documentation, or by contacting their support.
We also do offer a method to force users to your HTTPS content by selecting "SSL," then "Required SSL," in your Account Manager after an SSL Certificate has been installed. However, you still may need to make changes to your .htaccess, web.config, or web site package depending on how you have created it.
More information on how to properly change your .htaccess, web.config, or website package to redirect HTTP to HTTPS can be found using your preferred search engine.