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How To Install Wordpress

While logged into your Account Manager navigate to the Web Site Hosting Section and click on the Installatron icon.

On the Installatron page you will see a list of all hosting accounts and the domains associated with each one.

Select the hosting account that has the domain you wish to install Wordpress.

While in Installatron click Popular packages to view all available applications.

Select the Wordpress package to view it and then "New Install" under the features and you will be taken into the Installatron app.

On the Install page under the Location section choose the domain you wish to install Wordpress to.

All other options can be left as they are but under the Settings section you must input an Administrative email. You may also wish to change the Administrator username and password as they are randomly generated.

Once all settings are to your liking scroll down the very bottom and click the Install button in the lower right.

Installations typically take 5-10 minutes to complete.