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Transfer A Domain Name Registration to us

Before beginning, please contact your current registrar and ensure that:
  • The domain is unlocked
  • Any domain privacy service is disabled
  • You have access to the domain's administrative contact email address.
  • You obtain the current authorization/EPP Code
Once you have ensured the above is completed, please follow these steps to complete the transfer.
  1. Go to Order Service -> Domain Name Registration, select "Domain Transfer," and enter your domain name to begin the transfer. Select "Add to Order," to complete the order.

  2. After this has been submitted, within 24 to 48 hours the administrative contact email address for the domain(s) will be sent an email with instructions to begin the authorization process. In order to receive this email, you will need to make sure that you have access to the administrative email address on file with us. If you realize that this email address needs to be changed *after* the request has been submitted, you may contact Customer Service 24 hours after you have updated the email address (to allow the whois record to update) and request for the authorization email to re-sent to the new administrative contact email address.

  3. After these instructions have been followed, you will be asked to enter the domain's authorization (or EPP) code in your Account Manager, by either selecting the alert upon login, or selecting "Alerts," when on your home page. After submitting the authorization code, it may take the original registrar up to 5 days to release the domain name to us. Your registrar may have a process to expedite the transfer after the EPP code submission, so you may contact them to see if that is possible (This is not guaranteed).
The whole process may take 1 to 6 days to complete.