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How to Create a new Email Address

How to Create a new Email Address:

Use this article to create new email addresses. Hosting accounts allow unlimited email addresses to be created. *There is a mailbox size limit of 2GB or 10,000 messages - whichever comes first. (This cannot be upgraded at this time.)

Login to the Account Manager.

Click the icon 'Email Addresses' located under the orange Email section.

In the top-right corner click the 'Add +' icon.

Enter your address before the @ symbol. (For example,

From the drop-down menu choose from the list of domains you have hosted. (Note: If your domain does not appear you must first add it to your hosting account. Click the 'Configure Web Sites' icon to do this.)

Select Email Account Type:
- Choose 'Mailbox' if the selected email address should be usable with Webmail or an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail, etc.
- Choose 'Forwarding' to have email to the selected email address only sent to an existing email address. The email address that it forwards to can be any other email address, either with us, another ISP, or a free email account service.
- Choose 'Forwarding + Mailbox' to perform the action of both types described above. Only in specific instances is this useful.

Click 'Next' in the bottom-right corner.

Enter a password of your choice, or click the option to Generate a random password.

Click 'Finish' in the bottom-right.